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disability visibility project
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Showing compassion that actually helps generate change often comes from using our privilege to uplift other's voices. In order to be an ally and advocate, you need to listen to those you're claiming to support.

did you know the "people first" label of "person with disabilities" is not widely preferred by many disabled adults?

person with disabilities (and some other terms deemed socially supportive like "differently-abled") is often touted by parents of young disabled children or the performatively woke. If a neglected and silenced population prefers to be called something, any agenda focused on erasing what someone self identifies with for personal social comfort smells oppressive to me....

this is my own perspective on what disabled people have discussed in lengths in public spaces and throughout historical conversations and movements. I would like to think illustrating compassion requires first listening to what would be most helpful.

plus, if you don't listen to the actual victims of oppression, you can get caught up in the bullshit the systemically oppressive forces promote. 

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